With the rumors running rampant that there will be a Nintendo Direct this week, and that it will be huge; Nintendo may have already blown everyone’s minds and wallets already. On Tuesday Nintendo uploaded a video to Youtube about their popular fighting series Super Smash Bros. as a child unlocks Inkling from Splatoon and subsequently reveals to the world the possible next update for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

In this video you see the child picking up a controller, playing Super Smash Bros. and then playing with his friends. However, it is the two-second mark in the video that has every one of the Smash Bros. community elated at the new leak directly from Nintendo: A “Stage Builder.” Something I am sure, though I could be wrong, would be a first for the series in this fifth installment to the franchise.

Level creation and online level sharing is not something new to Nintendo either: their most recent and notable attempt was back with Super Mario Maker, a game entirely about creating and sharing levels. So Nintendo knows what they are doing and will have the moderation tools ready for anything vulgar or lewd. However, one has to speculate: What will this add?

Super Smash Bros. is a series about themed levels, not a one-for-one recreation of anything specific. The design and indeed the intent of each stage is to be simple enough that you can move around in it quickly and easily, but have enough distance to take breaths. I personally don’t know how this will be accomplished with a “stage builder” by fans other than recreating a Mario stage in Zelda themed stage parts. However, one can’t deny there is a lot of excitement surrounding this pending announcement.

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Keiran McEwen

Keiran McEwen

Keiran Mcewen is a proficient musician, writer, and games journalist. With almost twenty years of gaming behind him, he holds an encyclopedia-like knowledge of over games, tv, music, and movies.

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