Hello! Welcome to Phenixx Gaming. I’m Alexx Aplin, owner, and Editor In Chief. I’ve been working in the gaming industry for almost 10 years, and this place is the culmination of a dream that I’ve had since I was young. Before I get too far into what this site is and what we do, allow me to give you a little bit of background information.

I come from a multi-generational gaming family. My Grandfather and my mom Lisa (who is co-owner of Phenixx Gaming and Managing Editor) both have been gamers for decades. Because of this, gaming has been a part of my life since as far back as I can remember. I remember playing the original Super Mario Bros. on a Nintendo console, watching my mom play Final Fantasy VII on our PlayStation, and so many other great memories that have shaped me over the years.

Gaming has always been a passion of mine, and 10 years ago I responded to an ad for an intern position at a small gaming blog. Somehow I managed to get the position, and from there I haven’t stopped. I’ve worked at a lot of places, seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of the industry, and now it is time for me to hopefully build a place that I can be proud of. I can’t do it alone though, so I’ve enlisted a few people to help us get started, and hopefully, as time goes on our team will grow.

What is Phenixx Gaming?

This question has a few answers. The main answer (and the shortest answer) is that we are a site dedicated to informing consumers about all things Entertainment. Our goal is to cultivate a team of people who are passionate not just about games, but all aspects of our current Entertainment landscape. We aren’t interested in being Buzzfeed, just covering things for clicks and hype. We want to create content we love, that will keep you informed and help you make good purchasing decisions to support great games and entertainment.

The second answer is that Phenixx Gaming is a labor of love, a passion project years in the making. I’ve seen a variety of management styles, and I’ve seen numerous visions for sites that hoped to succeed, only to sink into greed or clickbait-y garbage. You will not find that here. Our crew is passionate about what we do, and we want to share our love of the industry with you.

Phenixx Gaming covers a variety of content from Indie games on the rise, to AAA titles that we’re excited about. We also plan to cover things like mobile games, movies and television, and possibly even other types of content that we’ve not even thought of yet. We want to offer a variety of content that we love, that you are excited about.

My final answer to those who ask what Phenixx Gaming truly is at its core comes down to diversity and transparency. I’m a disabled, gay American, with friends in the UK, Australia, and a variety of other places. There are many voices that need to be heard in this industry, and Phenixx Gaming aims to amplify those voices and hopefully make a positive change in this chaotic world we live in.

Transparency is just as important to us as Diversity. Without open dialogue and honesty between us and the consumers who read our content and play the games we all can’t wait to get our hands on, what are we even here for? Consumers need to be informed, and by not being honest, we cripple our credibility and make ourselves irrelevant in the process. You will never find a review in which we were paid for a score, and you will never find an editorial piece or an opinion on the site that we do not endorse 100 percent.

Moving Forward (Also known as “What’s Next?”)

Obviously, there will be some changes to the design of the site moving forward, as it is taking us some time to get things built and looking nice while still maintaining a tight budget. The development of the website itself is a learning process for our staff, and there are things we would like to implement that we’ve not yet figured out. Here are some things we are looking into for the future.

  • YouTube Content
  • Podcasts on a variety of topics
  • Text to Speech so that people with reading issues can listen to articles


Above all, we want to create content that starts conversations about how the industry works, how certain demographics are treated, and how we can support the next generation of great gaming content. We live in a Golden Age of new developers, new ideas, and new amazing experiences. Phenixx Gaming is more than just a site, it is a new adventure for myself and all of us that are involved.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for joining us on this journey. We hope you will let us know what you want to see, and how we can create something spectacular that we can all be proud of.

Alexx Aplin

Owner/Editor In Chief