There have been a few multiplayer games like Friday the 13th: The Game and Dead by Daylight where you and some friends work together to make sure that at least one of you escapes the clutches of some slasher movie villain. However, while there are certainly horror elements in those games, they don’t fully capture the B-movie horror feel of an old slasher movie.

Stay Out of the House, a game by Puppet Combo to be released in April, sets out to do just that. It is a stealth horror game, styled after PS1 horror games, where you are trapped in the house of The Butcher. If he wanted to kill you immediately, he already would have done so – but, he’ll get to it, eventually. Dare to escape your confines and he’ll set out to look for you, trapping you again until he is ready. Avoid his traps, find items, and maybe – just maybe – you can escape The Butcher.

Stay Out of the House is a continuation of the developer’s commitment to their style of game: low-poly games fashioned after old horror movies. Puppet Combo’s latest release, The Glass Staircase, is an homage to PS2 horror games and Italian zombie movies.

Stay Out of the House has been in development for a while. It was originally projected to release before last Halloween but was put on hold to ensure perfection. The game ended up being further delayed because of the developer’s focus on The Glass Staircase.

While contributors to Puppet Combo’s Patreon can play an early version of Stay Out of the House, the Steam release will also include Night Shift and an updated version of Nun Massacre. Alternatively, people that want to play an early version but don’t want to commit to a Patreon can pre-order for early access downloads, and Steam and keys when it officially releases.

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Dari Bazile

Dari Bazile

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