Over on the PlayStation Blog, Sony’s Social Media Director Sid Shuman announced yesterday that PlayStation Network subscribers in North America can finally change their PSN names. The first change is free with each additional change being $10 for non-PS+ members and $5 for current PS+ members. European subscribers can change over their names starting today.

However, there will still be some issues with this new system. All games published after April 1st, 2019 will be supported but, unfortunately, that means PSVita and PS3 titles will not be supported. A large majority of older titles are being supported but have some issues. Some of those issues are minor, like your previous ID being visible instead of your new one. Others are major problems, like loss of in-game purchases, loss of game progress including progress towards trophies, and parts of the game not functioning properly, both in single player and online modes. Most of these issues can be fixed by reverting to your old PSN name for free.

It’s unclear if any of these issues will be fixed in the future, or if we have to deal with potently losing all progress from the previous generation of consoles just to change the embarrassment that was BongRipper69 to a more suitable moniker. However, as it stands now, this is our best opportunity.

As for the more positive side of things, you can change names as much as you’d like and can revert back to your old PSN at any time for free. Don’t fret about your old PSN ID being taken once you claim your name, no one else can take it.

So if you are a recent owner of a PlayStation 4 and are regretting your choice of PSN name, this could be a great opportunity. Although, if you are like me and have years worth of trophies, save data, and DLC purchased on previous generations, you’d be best off just holding off at the moment.

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